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Kelly VicarioI am so grateful for the Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner Certification Program. It has been a wonderful experience and one I will recommend to others! My life has been transformed and has now been given a new direction. Working on my “Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator” certification has given me clarity and has helped me to understand my unlimited potential. Thank you Dr. Maxwell, you are such a blessing! 

I was spiritually lead to you and to your “Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator” certification program. When I decided to research a spiritual practitioner course about six months ago, you were the only one who called me back personally. I was so grateful for the time that you spent with me on the phone explaining your program. I knew right away that this is where I needed to be. It has really meant so much to me that you are so giving of your time, talents and energy. 

I feel like I am apart of something so much bigger then a program. This has now became a way of life for me and I owe it to you and your wonderful gifts!!! I’m so excited to continue to work and collaborate with you. This has been an absolutely wonderful experience. You have given me so many great tips! Keep up your outstanding work. You ROCK!! I’m glad to be one of your tribe!

Kelly Vicario ~ Sewell, New Jersey


Katina Gillespie
Dr. Maxwell,

5 STARS is not nearly enough to rate this program … I’m thrilled with this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program!  It has exceeded ALL of my expectations and I LOVE that I will be able to review the lessons and detailed workshop plans any time I wish.  It is a fabulous journey that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to raise their vibrational energy, awareness of self and experience life fully!

The personal growth and professional ideas for networking and facilitating are tremendous in this Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program!  They are tools I will use in my practice with every client, family member and friends!  Amazing things are brought to light through taking this program.

The inner-work allows you to manifest greatness on the outside and allows yourself to learn from your “school of life” and it provides you the tools to release all that no longer serves you AND to get you to where you want to be. This Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program has allowed me to peel away my layers of negative self-talk and borderline hatred to begin loving me.  It has encouraged me to notice my flaws and errors and to forgive them.  It’s not about hiding or denial.  Its about acceptance and loving every facet of me.  I have stopped smoking since I started this program.  I’ve wanted to quit for years but I wasn’t ready. Now that I value and honor ME more, I was able to easily give away the habit.

I have truly enjoyed this Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program by Peace Love Wings®. Having the structure with the videos, workbooks and manual really helps keep you focused and makes it easy to implement both personally and professionally. The “Be Good To YOUrself” sections are priceless. I highly recommend it! It’s refreshing to know there are people such as yourself out there doing AMAZING things for others with this program.

Thank you for your guidance and reminders and thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

Love and light,
Katina Gillespie ~ Orlando, Florida


150x150 Flower PhotoThe Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program is a wonderful, amazing course! I cannot even begin to express how much value I have received from taking this MBS course.  It has, and still is totally transforming my life for the better!  I felt it had been an amazing adventure while taking this MBS program, but after completing it, the adventure is just beginning … I now can FLY!

If you are at all drawn to this MBS Certification Program, do not hesitate for any reason, it will be one of the BEST experiences you will ever have!  I have been lifted to heights of self-development that I could not have ever even dreamed of before.  It’s marvelous!

This Mind, Body, Spirit Program is priceless!!  Dr. Maxwell’s love, sincerity, and honesty comes through so powerfully, as she brings wisdom from all sources the average person could never attain without it.  This is truly a magical, mystical healing, and personal growth experience.  The MBS Certification Program is so empowering … it is totally mind blowing.  Everything is taught from the heart with the light of truth, sincerity, and selflessness.

The classes are all presented in a common language for people from all walks of life.  The beauty is that no matter where you are in life, this MBS course leads you to personal growth you would never have imagined prior to taking it.  It’s gentle, yet strong and vibrant.  This MBS course is for everyone who is seeking a better quality of living.  You don’t have to want to be a coach to receive the benefits that will last you a lifetime, and beyond.

Dr. Maxwell is so full of knowledge, and empowers you to enhance your life with ease through sharing her knowledge, and doing the one-on-one workshop exercises with how to release, accept, receive, forgive, co-create, and so much more!  She uplifts, and inspires you through discovering your own innate Spiritual truths.  She is the real deal!  This MBS course is a gift, and in practical financial terms, is a tremendous bargain.  It’s the best investment you will ever make for yourself!

Lydia Elliott ~ Scottsdale, Arizona



I was Divinely led to the Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator Certification Training Program, as a way to discover and fulfill my life’s purpose.  Dr. Maxwell, and her MBS program has surpassed my expectations!  How can I ever begin to thank you for all you have taught me.  Your lessons have opened up my eyes to the unlimited possibilities in my life.

Each weeks lessons has reaffirmed my own knowledge, and has driven me to a deeper understanding of how to help others.  Moreover, and most surprisingly, each weeks lessons has been a springboard of spiritual growth leading me towards a level of self-development that I wasn’t expecting.  Whether you are looking for a program to develop your skills to work with others, or to simply inspire your own journey, I highly recommend this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator Certification Program.

This course is life-changing, and soul-filling!  The Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program has truly changed my life, and inspired me to be the best ME!  Thank you for your love, and inspiration.  I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.  You are a true mentor, and teacher.  I feel so blessed for this opportunity to work with YOU!💕

Thank you so much Dr. Maxwell, for sharing your gifts and talents.  I will forever be grateful for finding you, and this MBS program.  I hope that one day our paths will cross again.  I love you Stacey, you really are an Angel.💕  God bless you.

With so much Gratitude, Love, and Hugs,
Lisa Bewley ~ British Columbia, Canada



kefi-huang-asia-taiwainI am so grateful for the Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program.  This phenomenal Program has truly changed my life.  It helps me to recognize what some of my limiting beliefs are, and what is holding me back in life so I can choose to move past those road blocks, and create the life that I was born to live with blissful passion.

Working with Dr. Maxwell through this MBS on-line course inspires me to find myself expanding in possibilities I’ve never even dreamt of.  Now I’ve got much more confident and passion to move forward.  Dare to dream big.  Cause I know I am a gift from God.  Anything I want, I ask, I believe, then I receive.

Dr. Maxwell is truly an inspiring mentor with great love, patience, and kindness in supporting one’s growth both personally and professionally.  I want to thank you for being the light that illuminates my path, to become the fullest expression that I was create to be.  Thank you for teaching me how to ascend and transform on all levels of Be-ing: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, environmentally, and all the others.  You have given me so many treasured gifts throughout this program.  I love that I can continue to study and practice all of the wisdom, knowledge and tips as well in the future daily.  Thank you so much for sharing your Love, your Light, your Power, your Wisdom, your Gifts, and your Talent with those who cross your path.  And always being the grand beacon of light to guide us.  YOU are such a BLESSING!!  A blessing to me and my growth in this Divine moment.

Taking this MBS course is the best gift I could ever give myself.  It has been a wonderful and admirable experience and definitely the one I will love to recommend to others!  I would love to give my highest gratitude to you, Dr. Maxwell.  And thank you so much for sharing with us on our beautiful and phenomenal journey in this moment.  It’s my very honor and pleasure to know you and work with you.


Kefi, Ai-Chieh Huang ~ Taipei, Taiwan



Valerie Priester_

I am so excited to be a part of the Peace Love Wings® Complete Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator Certification Program and I am so glad I made the decision to take action and take this course.  This program is content-packed and the value is well beyond the price of the course.  

Through the process of completing this course it has elevated my business to the next level and provides exceptional value to my clients.  Not to mention how much I have grown through the process.  I am so grateful that I can add the valuable techniques learned in this course to my coaching practice which helps me better serve my clients.

I’ve paid thousands of dollars for prior training and this program by far exceeds anything I have purchased in the past.  This program provides wisdom and revelation knowledge on a deeper level.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to raise their vibrational energy, awareness of self and help their clients do the same.

Collaboration is something I’ve always wanted to pursue.  Your teachings provide the groundwork to make it happen including, the connections and opportunities with you.

From the moment I received my materials I have not been able to put them down.  At times, I had to force myself to step away long enough just to eat.  “The 5 Steps to Getting Clear on YOUR Message” eBook is awesome.  Although I am clear about who God has called me to serve, this eBook is really helping me sharpen my message. 

This program is absolutely amazing.  I have learned so much about my inner self and how to keep my peace in mind, body and spirit.  I am walking more confidently in my calling and eager to share with others how they can live their purposeful life.

As a result of taking this program I am more aware of my inner power.  I am more conscious on living authentically.  This program has helped me move into the true expression of who I am.  The work within this course is enlightening and it allowed me to blossom into magnificent me.  I love that God has connected me with someone that gets me.  Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger, I am so excited to play with you in the world of abundance.

Thank you for being obedient to your higher calling.

Valerie Priester ~ Nashville, Tennessee


Dear Dr. Maxwell,

How does one say thank you for this life altering experience you have provided to me? So many things in my life have changed for the better since I started this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program. I would give this program more than five stars for the Information you receive from such a knowledgeable and wise teacher, it is an incredible MBS program.  

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about signing up for it. This program has literally changed my life on so many levels, and in so many positive ways. Dr. Maxwell is hands on, and really cares about each and every person taking her courses. I have truly become more confident, patient, loving, empowered and able to stand in my power through taking this program. This program is literally life changing!

It wasn’t easy, but easy doesn’t get you anywhere, so I wasn’t looking for easy.  I will never forget the night that I was working on section five, and I had an epiphany that lead to me finally letting go of so much pain that I had been holding onto.  Nor, will I forget the two hours you spent on the phone with me, without you being so hands on, and getting to know me as a person, and really caring, I doubt the conversation would have lasted that long.

When you say that your mission is to spread light and love to as many people as possible, I believe you.  I have a lifetime of tools to keep me safe and protected.  I have all the tools that I need to become the  truest essence that I was meant to be.  I am one more person spreading light and love on this Earth, and I hope to collaborate with others who are doing the same thing.  

This Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program is a journey. It is the journey of you becoming your true essence of who you were meant to be. All of the lessons are broken down for you with places to answer questions, and specific exercises to moving you forward on your journey. This is a life changing course.

I highly recommend this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program course to EVERYONE on the planet! Everyone can benefit from the mountains of information, knowledge, and wisdom that is in this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program course.

I am so very grateful for this life changing experience. There is so much information that you can come back to over and over, and learn something new each time. Each time you revisit a section you may be in a different place, so your answers to some of the questions may have changed. To me this signifies GROWTH! I have grown immensely through the information contained in this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program.

Since I started the Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program, I am no longer taking my antidepressant medication.  I have lost 30 pounds, and I am feeling like a Rock Star!  Thank you so much Dr. Maxwell, for all of your wonderful insights.  This MBS program has been phenomenal!  I have learned so much to implement into improving my life.  I feel that with the  tools in this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program, anything is possible.  I have never felt this close to breaking the code, and to having everything I need to heal what needs healing inside of me, and now I do and have. 

I’ve spent a few hours on the phone with Dr. Maxwell-Krockenberger, throughout this course, and she gave freely of her time to me.  This is a journey with work to be done.  Don’t think you’re going to get something out without putting something in.  The time and energy devoted to this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program, is well worth the money and the time.  Each week I’d find myself feeling that I can’t wait to see what next week brings.  Thank you so much for this MBS program.

Stacey, I just want to tell you how amazing this last section has been. I do not remember a time in my life ever feeling this motivated, confident, strong, able, and ready to stand in my power!

You are amazing, wonderful, magnificent, and wise beyond anyone I have ever met. At this point in my journey I had to stop and say thank you, times a thousand for all that you have taught me about myself, the world, forgiveness, the Universe, energy, light, and love, and obviously so much more!

My final thoughts are that if everyone took this program we would have a lot less violence and a lot more love in our world.  People would be kinder, gentler, and more loving and accepting of one another and of themselves.  It’s too bad that at least some of this material is not offered to children of the high school age.  What a difference it could make for them to get this type of information early on in their lives.

If someone is reading this, and trying to decide whether or not to sign up for this MBS Program course, please do.  It’s like the commercial that says … cheeseburger $1.00, coke $1.50, Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program … PRICELESS!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me! I am so grateful that you created this Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Facilitator Certification Program for us to become the fullest expression of who we were created to be.

Charleen Morency ~ Jacksonville, Florida



Kim Richardson HeadshotI am so EXCITED to have found this “Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program” that gives me the tools to continue to grow and assist my clients.  

Working with Dr. Maxwell has been amazing!  She is true love and light and goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals.  

Dr. Maxwell’s program is life changing!  This program transforms both your personal life and your professional business as a life coach.  I am able to implement so many tools, techniques and knowledge into my workshops and my one-on-one’s with my clients.

Thank you Dr. Maxwell, for all your love and support everyday!  You are such a gift!!!

Kimberly Richardson ~ Peoria, Arizona


150x150-blank-picture-squareDr. Maxwell, 

You have touched my life in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.  I have such gratitude for you and this “Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program” as I am so energized about my life and what that truly means.  

I am a believer that things happen for a reason.  A friend once told me that people you truly connect with are Angels that are sent to guide you who become your teachers.  That describes how I feel about you. 

I knew when starting this program that I must reach deep inside and take a look at what has held me back over the years.  That part of it was fear and thinking I was never enough.  I now see myself the way my Creator sees me, one of pure magnificence, full approval and acceptance.

Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel since working with you and having the opportunity to make a positive difference in other women’s lives.  I feel so blessed to have you in my life. 

Forever grateful and with much gratitude,
Priscilla Dubinka ~ San Jose, California


150x150 blank picture squareOh my Gosh … Thank YOU so much Dr. Maxwell for this AWESOME certification program!!

This is the BEST Online Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program I’ve EVER seen!! I LOVE this!! I am so EXCITED to start this! I love the layout, the complete guide for teaching others one-on-one and doing the workshops with such ease, understanding and SUCCESS!

Identifying my own innate gifts, talents, purpose and collaborating with others e-Book is PHENOMENAL! I LOVE Manifesting Mastery: The 7 Principles to Living the Life of YOUR Dreams e-Book, the depths of the assessment TEMPLATES and the workshop EXERCISES are beyond GRATITUDE!! The Meditation is PRICELESS!! And there’s so much more! This is AMAZING!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

This is so beyond what I could have ever expected and I am truly GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to work with and be certified by YOU!!  Thank you for making such a profound positive difference in my life!!! You definitely EMPOWER others into Becoming the Fullest Expression that they were CREATED to BE!  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!

Marcella Schnell ~ Kirkwood, Missouri


Mickey Mackaben headshotDr. Maxwell,

I am so excited about this transformational “Mind, Body, Spirit Certification and Workshop Facilitation Program” and have the ability to help other’s.  

Thank you so much for putting yourself and this “Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program” out there so my Soul could find YOU!!!!!!

Michelle Mackaben ~ Rapid City, South Dakota


Lisa HardwickI am always looking for new tools to share in my workshops and I was THRILLED to have stumbled upon this “Transformational Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program!”

I personally know Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger … I’ve trained with her and I’ve worked with her and she is incredible! If you are looking for a program to assist you with TRANSFORMING your OWN life … OR perhaps you may be interested in a career as a Practitioner/Facilitator – then THIS is the certification program for YOU!

Lisa Hardwick ~ Charleston, Illinois


Colleen_HumphriesI am so Excited, Thrilled and Over The Moon Joyful about starting my year with such an awesome “Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program” that is going to help me sky rocket my success personally and professionally.

I am also excited for my current and future clients because I am going to be a better coach guiding them towards better results.

THANK YOU Dr. Maxwell, for such an AWESOME Certification Program that is BEYOND reasonably priced! All that you are giving us in this program is far greater than I could have ever imagined.

Colleen Humphries ~ Baltimore, Maryland


Angie BrunssenI am BEYOND thrilled and honored to continue this transformation that I am on by your gentle guidance, love and instruction. Nothing can stop me from reaching my full potential and light with you by my side (and God and the Universe, too!) ;-)

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to put this “Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program” together. Words can not express how excited I am to continue my journey … to learn more, to help myself and others. This is an incredible opportunity … and I’m so happy I’ve found it!! ;-)

Angie Brunssen ~ Danville, Iowa


LaTrenda GeorgeWorking with Dr. Maxwell is life changing.  Stacey is very insightful and sincere.

The Transformational Mind, Body, Spirit Online Certification Program is phenomenal.  As I started the program I immediately became aware that it was written from an amazing heart of Dr. Maxwell.  You have changed my life.  You have gently opened my mind, body and soul to a high frequency of self.  I am forever grateful for you sharing yourself with the world.

It is a mind blowing experience to work with such a gifted, like-minded and heart-centered soul.  This course is the “BEST” investment you can ever make for yourself and your business.

Blessings, Love & Light!

LaTrenda George ~ Roswell, Georgia


150x150 blank picture squareDr. Maxwell and the “Peace Love Wings® Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator Certification Program” is an amazing course!  

It is step-by-step in explanations of incredible vast knowledge.  Her teaching style makes it easy to learn difficult principles.  She provides one-on-one demonstrations of comprehension, proper technique and the setup and implementation of the how to’s on all levels both personally and professionally; and so much more.  

Regardless if you are just beginning or are an advanced student of personal development such as myself, this course will further expand all levels of your Being!  It is a great refresher course for those who have been on this journey for a long time and I’ve learned so many exciting new techniques and depths of knowledge that have significantly improved my life both personally and professionally.  

I love that I am able to implement it all into my practice to further assist my clients.  It’s wonderful!!!  

Pamela Cummins ~ Jacksonville, North Carolina




If YOU are ready to Stop playing Small in Life and if YOU are ready to receive your Divine Inheritance of ALL that YOU DESIRE, then take the first-step into Creating the Life of YOUR Dreams by working with Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger as a Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator with Peace Love Wings® and register for this phenomenal online video course program.


This will be one of the Best decisions you’ll ever make and the Benefits will last throughout Eternity!


It just doesn’t get any better than this!!

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